Are you looking to start down the path of financial freedom and wondering where you’re going to find the money to start saving?

This circle represents all the money that will pass through your hands throughout your life. Your circle is larger than some and others are larger than yours. But we all have one thing in common, and that is we want our circles to grow.


Every dollar in your circle of wealth is broken up into three categories.

First is accumulated money. That’s the money you have saved and invested. Second is lifestyle money. That’s the home you live in, the car you drive, the schools or the colleges that your children go to. They’re all lifestyle expenses. And finally, there’s transferred money. Transferred money is money you’re giving up control of unknowingly and unnecessarily. Two key words unknowingly means you don’t realize it and unnecessarily means that working together, we can fix it for you.

You see, our focus is on making your money more efficient. How do we regain control of that transferred money and put it to work for you, your business, and your family.

Have you experienced this?

You sit down with a financial advisor and the first thing they say is, show me what you got. So you give them all your statements and a listing of all your accounts and assets. And the next thing they say is, well, you’re earning X. We can show you how to earn X plus something else, but you’ll probably have to take a little more risk to do it. Now you have to make a decision. Do you want to take more risk in order to build your wealth?

Let me ask you this question. Have you ever taken risk and not gotten the reward in the past?

The second scenario you may have experienced with a traditional financial advisor is looking at your lifestyle, cash flow and seeing where you could cut back so you’re able to save more. But let’s face it, if you could be saving more, you probably would be. How many subscriptions can you cut out a month to save more, and will that really help you reach your financial goals?

So if you’ve ever had an experience with a traditional financial advisor, the two bullets they have is move your accumulated money to them because they’re going to manage it better or reduce your lifestyle in order to save more for the future.

But nobody’s talking about this third piece of your circle, and that’s transferred money. And this is where we can help you. This is where we have been uniquely trained to identify exactly where you’re giving up control of your money unknowingly and unnecessarily.

What if there was a way to achieve your financial goals no matter what they are, without reducing your lifestyle or without taking on additional risk? Wouldn’t you want to know about that?

Our unique ability is to point out exactly where you’re giving up control of your money. The question is, will you stop doing it? Because understand, it’s things that you’re doing that you think are moving you forward but in fact, are actually holding you back.

No one wakes up in the morning and says, “Hey, how can I mess up my finances today?” No, we all think we’re making the best decisions that are moving us forward to reach our financial goals. But we’re here to say that there are some areas where you may be giving up control of your money, and there are five areas of wealth transfer that we help identify.

The five areas of wealth transfer are taxes, how you pay for your mortgage, how you pay for your retirement, how you’re sending your children to school, whether it’s college, high school or grade school, and how you’re funding major capital purchases like cars, weddings, or anything else that you can’t pay out of monthly cash flow.

Our process is really simple. It’s four simple steps.

Number one, we identify where you’re giving up control of your money.

Number two, and this is the hardest step. You have to agree to stop doing it. Now, think of this. What would happen to your circle of wealth if you were giving up control of your money and you stopped doing it? Wouldn’t that have a positive effect and grow your circle of wealth?

Step three is to save the money in a specially designed life insurance policy so that you have access, liquidity, use and control of that money whenever you want, for whatever you want. No questions asked.

And step four is where the magic happens. This is where you borrow from yourself and pay interest back to yourself for things like major capital purchases, sending your children to college, buying vehicles, going on vacation, whatever a major capital purchase would be for you.

If you’re saving and growing your circle of wealth, using your savings to fund your lifestyle, your money never leaves your control. And what effect do you think that would have on your circle of wealth? By using our system, you can regain control of your money to grow your circle of wealth. And if you understand how this works, your money never leaves your control.

When thinking about growing your circle of wealth. We always say it’s not what you buy, it’s how you pay for it that really matters.

If you’d like to get started with a specially designed, whole life insurance policy designed for cash accumulation and see if this makes sense for your situation, be sure to visit our website at to schedule your free strategy session today.

We also have a Four Steps to Financial Freedom webinar on our website where you could learn exactly how we put this process to work for our clients.

And remember, it’s not how much money you make, it’s how much money you keep that really matters.