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We believe that YOU should control your money – not financial institutions and not the government.
We believe that HOW you use your money is more important than WHERE your money is.
We believe that you cannot accumulate wealth in a TAXABLE environment.
How we do this is by identifying where you are giving up CONTROL of your money unknowingly and unnecessarily.
How we do this is by REDUCING your RISK and maximizing your return without reducing your current lifestyle.
How we do this is by using the TAX CODE to prevent your money from being taxed more than once.



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Anthony P. John, CLU, ChFC



Olivia Kirk

Your Private Banking Experts

Timothy J. Yurek, CLU

After 30+ years of experience in financial services, Timothy J. Yurek has discovered the frustrations of following the conventional wisdom of private banking firsthand. In 1993, when he was unable to access funds to make a major purchase, Mr. Yurek began actively testing the private banking process to cultivate greater wealth.  Since then, he’s taught others how to secure their own financial future using his method.

Active in the community, his services include acting as a board member in recent years for the YMCA Annual Appeal Drive. He has served in the past as the president of the Wyoming Rotary Club, the Kingston Lions’ Club, and the Wyoming Business Club.


Olivia Kirk

Following in her father’s footsteps, Timothy J. Yurek’s daughter, Olivia Kirk, has served Tier 1 clientele for the past 4 years. Her focus with the firm involves financial plan design and implementation. Before joining the family business, she earned a degree at Kings College and currently volunteers with her local Big Brothers, Big Sisters organization.


Anthony P. John, CLU, ChFC

Anthony “Tony” P. John, CLU, ChFC

For over 40 years Tony has provided services that enable his clients to secure their financial future. Beginning his career in Insurance and Financial Services in 1977, he developed an expertise in privatized banking about 20 years later. Meeting and studying with Nelson Nash, the founding father of Infinite banking, gave Tony a better way to help his clients. Tony helps individuals meet their personal needs, the financial needs of their family and the financial management needs of a business. Handling business insurance, estate planning and business continuity planning, he understands that the longevity of wealth depends on more than putting money away in family savings or retirement accounts.

An approved instructor for Continuing Education Credits for CPAs, Tony helps maintain the integrity of the industry by aiding other CPAs with new techniques to help their clients. Involved in the community, he dedicates his time as a member for many organizations like the Estate Planning Council of Northeastern Pennsylvania. His community involvement also includes being active on the Hospice Community Care board. When he isn’t giving back to his clients and the community, Tony can be found cross country skiing, fly fishing or enjoying an evening at home in Bear Creek Village with his wife, Renie.

Tier 1 Capital, LLC is here to help you achieve your financial goals through Privatized Banking. Our professional team of experts will show you how to build on this 200+ year proven method to become your own banker.

Ancient Spanish Proverb:
“Five things that come not back: the shot arrow,
the sunken ship, the wrong turnings, the misleading word and
the LOST 

Opportunity is knocking.