Business Owners Lose Sleep Around the Clock:
Sustaining a Family Business Is No Easy Feat
Discover Why 70% of Second-Generation Businesses Are Faltering
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Keeping a Family Business Going is No Small Task

You’ve spent years building a company you hope will benefit your family for generations to come—pouring in blood, sweat, and tears all along the way.

And yet, without proper succession, retirement, and key-person planning, your business can quickly lose valuation, intellectual capital, and morale (even dragging your family’s morale down with it).

Studies show 66% of family businesses do NOT have a clearly documented succession plan in place, putting everything you’ve built at risk—but it’s most often not from a lack of desire! Instead, the cash that would be required is being used to run and grow the business, making it unavailable to secure the future of the company.

The great news is you don’t have to choose!

There IS a way to secure the future of the business without increasing expenses in the short term.
Let us show you how.

Discover How to Use Your Money More
Efficiently to Magnify Your Results:

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1. Secure Financial

Successfully walk the tightrope between keeping your best talent and key individuals without taking equity away from the family. We give you a 4-step process to gain control of your money.

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2. Improve
Cash Flow

Unlock the cash already in your business to become debt-free while also gaining retirement security, safe saving strategies, better cash flow, and financial protection for your family.

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3. Increase Access
to Capital

Discover how to access your wealth in a sustainable, future-focused way so you can prepare for the future and take advantage of opportunities as they come without sacrificing the here and now.

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How to Work
with Tier 1 Capital

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Plan for Succession

It’s your business to run your business.
It’s ours to make sure it outlives you.
We help business owners design and fund business succession plans, exit strategies, and key person and selective executive benefits.

Unlike personal financial planners, we prepare businesses for the event that a partner or key person passes away.

We also specialize in helping business owners find the cash to fund retirement and fairly compensate family members who are not involved in the business.

Don’t let your hard work disappear when you retire.

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Improve Your Cash Flow

Many clients come to us knowing they need our help but are concerned about the cost.

What sets us apart is our unique ability to help businesses find money to fund the solutions with minimal impact on their current cash flow.

This allows the business owners to achieve their financial goals and helps them sleep better at night knowing their operational costs are covered.

We help business owners continue to grow their businesses and secure their financial future without worrying about paying for our services.

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Leave a Legacy

The saying goes “Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations.” This refers to the idea that families often struggle to keep their wealth because it can be difficult for younger generations to manage what is left to them.

No matter your preparation, the next generation will face many challenges when they take over the business. But while we can’t solve all of them, we can promise to ensure they will never be blindsided by unforeseen taxes, expensive buyouts, or any other financial complication unique to business succession.

Prepare your family to successfully pass on your legacy for generations to come.

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    We’ll meet with you and uncover your goals and the unique needs of your business. We’ll also find out where you’re losing money without even realizing it.

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    Then we’ll design a custom strategy for a smooth succession and a stable secure future for you. And will do it without affecting your cash flow.

about tier 1

About the Tier 1 Team

We give our clients the same financial advice we give our own families,
because we’re a family business too!

At the end of the day, succession is about building a future. Yours and theirs.

Tier 1 Capital is here to help you achieve your financial goals.
Our professional team of experts have over 35 years of experience and can show you how to utilize this proven method to achieve your business goals and keep control of your money.

It’s a decision that's deeply rooted in compassion and the desire to ensure that you and your loved ones will have the means to enjoy a bright future.
You owe it to yourself and future generations to get some help navigating this new (and sometimes dangerous) territory.