Have you ever felt like you’re doing everything right? You’re paying off your debt as quickly as possible, you have a short mortgage term, you’re maxing out your retirement plans, you’re paying cash whenever possible, and you’re investing in the stock market as much as you can afford to, but you’re still not seeming to get ahead. You still can’t reach that feeling of financial freedom like you’ve finally made it? If that sounds like you, continue reading because we’re going to diagnose exactly why that may be the case and recommend some simple shifts you can make to reach financial freedom.

30 years ago, I was in my late twenties. I was doing everything the so-called financial experts were suggesting you do. I maxed out my retirement account. I was paying down my debt, I was paying cash whenever possible, and because I was doing all those things, I never had any access to money. I had to borrow money from my parents to pay my mortgage. Why? Because I was freely giving up control of my money to the financial experts, and to the financial institutions.

Whoever controls your cash flow controls your life.

That’s why we preach: it’s not what you buy, it’s how you pay for it that really matters. Our process has four easy steps: Step one is to identify where you’re giving up control of your money. Step two, the hardest step- you have to STOP doing it. Step three is saving some of that money, and Step Four is where the magic happens- Where you’re borrowing from your own pool of money and paying interest back to yourself, and when you’re doing that, your money never leaves your control.

You’ve essentially cut out the middleman and you’re able to earn continuous compound interest on your money. As you’re repaying yourself, you’re building a pool of cash, so you’re able to access that again in the future. When you’re doing all of these things, paying down your debt, taking short mortgages, maximizing your retirement, investing whenever you can, paying cash whenever you can- you’re literally giving control of your money to them. And who are they? Well, they’re the financial insiders. They’re the greedy 1%, if you want to call it that. They depend on our participation for them to make profits. They create the situation and they make the rules. They profit from our outcomes and so these institutions have rules and those rules are for them to make profits.

So what are the rules? Simple.

    1. They want to get our money.
    2. They would love to get our money on a systematic basis, every month.
    3. They want to keep our money as long as possible.
    4. When it’s time to give us back our money, they want to make sure that they pay it back to us over as long a period as possible.

So how do they get us to follow these rules? Well, they position it as if it’s in our best interest. But in whose best interest is it to hand over all of your money every month to them instead of paying yourself first? It doesn’t sound like it’s serving you, it sounds like it’s serving them, and I would agree. So when you play the game by their rules, you could win according to their rules, but in the end, you lose.

So if you’d like to learn more about how you could apply our process to your situation and how you could finally regain control of your cash flow and regain control of your life, please schedule your free strategy session today.