Becoming financially independent isn’t as hard as you think it is.

It starts by taking control of your money.

Privatized Banking - What Can It Do For You?

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It’s not how much money you MAKE. It’s how much money you KEEP.
We have been helping families regain control of their cash and keep more of it for over 30 years.

We Believe..

– You should be in control of your money, not a financial institution and not the government.
– Your retirement savings decisions should be based on processes not products.
– You should be able to access your cash without asking permission.

— Here’s how it works —

1. Schedule
Strategy Session

Gain clarity on your goals and objectives.

2. Complete
Confidential Questionnaire

Determine where you are now.

3. Custom
Growth Process

We design a clear path to your financial freedom.



Tier 1 Capital will demonstrate with 100% certainty:

  1. Where you are losing money

  2. Where you are giving up control of your cash

  3. How to improve your financial growth

— Tier 1 Capital Testimonials/Reviews —

The biggest surprise was how much money was available when we needed it. It’s like our income expanded exactly when we needed it to expand.

Mike and Liz B