Why Is Financial Freedom Elusive for Many?
Learn how To Make It Yours

Financial strategies that minimize risk, increase accessibility, and put you in control of your money.

Becoming financially independent isn’t as hard as you think it is.

It starts by taking control of your money.

Watch to See How

At Tier 1 Capital, we have been helping families regain control of their cash and keep more of it for over 30 years.

We Believe..

You should be in control of your money, not a financial institution and not the government.
Your retirement savings decisions should be based on processes not products.
You should be able to access your cash without asking permission.
Let’s face it, it’s not how much money you MAKE. It’s how much money you KEEP.

— What Clients are Saying —

I am a former practicing Big 4 CPA and met Tim probably 10 years ago. I had read Infinite Banking and was seeking a practitioner.

Throughout the years anytime I ever reached out he was always incredibly responsive, patient and knowledgable.

Robert F.

New York, New York

During the first year or two of working with Tim, it was difficult to be patient and wait for the money in the policies to accumulate.  I greatly appreciated Tim’s persistence and guidance during these times because it was absolutely the best decision I made for my financial future.

Jim Thorpe Pa

Tim, you are very patient and not pushy with presenting the information. I am quite comfortable knowing if an emergency comes up, I can get my invested money back versus paying fees to dip into my retirement.

Doug and Tracey B.

The biggest surprise was how much money was available when we needed it. It’s like our income expanded exactly when we needed it to expand.

Mike and Liz B

I think you are great at giving personalized guidance and mentorship and utilizing IBC to address our family’s financial needs.  You didn’t just sell us policies, you are always there for us by phone, text, e-mail or periodic meetings. This is a great thing that you provide for your clients.

Pierre and Gael G. Scranton Pa

Your ability to take the process of securing financial freedom and reverse engineer it in such a way that I do not even miss the money was very impressive, to say the least.  Additionally, your ability to explain the process in such a way that makes me excited to see you again and again, I feel is what puts you leaps and bounds above others.

Frank C. Pittston Pa

You are great at helping us understand how best to use what money we have while working and simultaneously planning for retirement. How did you figure out this system? I can’t understand why everyone wouldn’t do this.

Enola Pa

 We Can Help You Achieve:

Financial Freedom

With our 4-Step Growth Process you gain control over your money, the freedom to use it as you want, and accessibility to your long-term savings.

Financial Stability

Not only will you become debt-free, but you will have retirement security, reliable saving strategies, better cash flow, and financial protection for your family.

Financial Opportunity

Discover how to save your money tax-free and optimize your retirement, all with the flexibility to cover unexpected expenses today. Change your mindset!

Free Online Course: Four Steps to Financial Freedom
Learn how to accomplish your financial goals in four strategic steps with our free 1-hour course.

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