In today’s ever changing economic environment, there are a few questions that remain the same. How do you save for your retirement and achieve your financial goals along the way? There are so many things that are out of our control: interest rates, the stock market, government spending. Not to mention inflation.

But what isn’t changing are our financial goals. We still want to get married. We still want a new car. We still want to go out to eat when we want to go out to eat. How do we achieve all of these financial goals when there is so much out of our control?

Well, conventional wisdom would tell us to just take on more risk. More risk equals more return. But that is not always the case as we’re experiencing right now. The answer may be in saving. Saving, not investing.

And you may be wondering what’s the difference? Well, investments inherently have risk savings, do not. The tool we use to help our clients achieve their goals without taking on tons of risk is especially designed whole life insurance policy designed for cash accumulation for several reasons, and one being you’re able to access that money to achieve your financial goals without taking on the risk of the market and everything else that’s out there.

Because your money is safe inside that insurance policy. You could also access that money to reinvest in the market after the market went down. That puts you in control instead of you being at the mercy of people that you don’t even know.

You see, most savings vehicles that are presented to us have risk, whether it’s a retirement plan at work or a brokerage account or other mutual funds. They all include risk, but not everyone wants to take on that risk, and not everyone wants to be at the mercy of everything that’s going on in the world to achieve their financial goals. Not to mention, once you access that money, you have tax consequences possible penalties, and you don’t know how much you’re actually going to be earning on that money. And also think of it this way. Once you access that money, it’s no longer earning interest for you.

Our process aims to put you in control of your cash flow and to make your money as efficient as possible so you don’t have to take on tons of risk to achieve your financial goals.

We believe there’s more opportunity in avoiding the losses than trying to pick the winners. And we’re not only talking about market losses, we’re talking about the losses of interest paid to others or taxes paid to the government. They’re all losses that reduce the value of our money.

If you’d like to get started with a cash flow analysis to see how we could help make your money more efficient, check out our website at and schedule your free strategy session today.

Or if you’re interested in learning more about how we put this process to work for our clients, check out our webinar, The Four Steps to Financial Freedom.

And remember, it’s not how much money you make. It’s how much money you keep that really matters.