“Our mission as a company is to show people how to regain control of their money.”


The problem with getting in the debt cycle is that once you take on that first debt, it becomes difficult to save your income. In the case of an emergency, you’re forced to take on more debt and tie up even more of your income and make it even harder to save. In his bestselling book “Rich dad, poor dad,” Robert Kiyosaki’s foundational principle is to pay yourself first. But if you’re working that hard to pay off your debt, how in the world are you going to be able to pay yourself first? 

So here are some of the problems with consumer debt. First, it places an obligation on your future earnings. You lose the capital to purchases and the financing costs forever. As in, you’re giving up opportunity costs. When you make these purchases, you become a debtor to the creditor. Most importantly, you’re losing control. 

Our mission as a company is to show people how to regain control of their money. With this simple concept, showing them how to regain control of the financing function in their lives. We could make significant progress in showing you how to regain control of not only your money, but your financial future. 

If there’s only one thing you take out of this video, please let it be that “ It’s not what you buy, It’s how you pay for it that really matters.”  Because let’s face it,  every purchase we make is financed. You could either be a debtor, a saver, or wealth creator. Let’s go over the differences. 

This is what a debtor looks like. They have no money. So when they have to buy something, they have to finance it. They have no choice. They dig a hole and then they fill it up and then they dig another hole and they fill that up too. But notice, they never get above the financial line of zero. So what a lot of people do, is they save money in order to spend. They save, save, save, and then when it’s time to buy something, wipe out their savings in order to make the purchase. They keep doing this again and again. Over time they don’t stay above the financial line of zero. 

Then there’s the wealth creator. This is what we help our clients to become. They save as a matter of course. Then, when it’s time to make a purchase, they borrow against their money. They use other people’s money to make their money more efficient, but notice they never interrupt the compounding of interest on their money. Their money is always working for them and they are no longer working for money. That’s the power of becoming a wealth creator and that’s the power of controlling the finance function in your life.