If someone can get your money, is it really yours? In today’s video we compiled a list of six reasons why you should use whole life insurance for the infinite banking concept.
1. Control
2. Safety
3. Guaranteed growth
4. Collateral opportunities
5. Tax deferred growth
6. Asset protection

Life insurance is actually designed to have more cash tomorrow than it does today. “



Have you ever wondered why people use whole life insurance for the infinite banking concept? The first reason is, control. Let’s face it, you can’t regain control unless you’re actually in control. Life insurance is a unilateral contract. What does that mean? Well one party, the insurance company, has a binding obligation. They have to guarantee the cash value, the death benefit, and any other benefits. The other party, the policy owner, has very few promises, which is basically to pay the premium. Once the policy is approved and put into effect, the insurance company is working for you. That is control.

Number two is safety, life insurance companies reserve 95 cents of every dollar that’s deposited and in contrast, banks only reserved 2 cents for every dollar that’s deposited. Based on that, where do you think your money is safer? During the great depression, over 9,000 banks in this country failed. In contrast, less than one half of 1% of all life insurance company assets were impaired. That’s a big deal because people who owned life insurance contracts during that time were not only able to access their cash value to weather the storm, but they were also able to access it to take advantage of opportunities that arose during that time.

One of the best examples of this is JC penny, the American retailer. He had over 1400 stores before the great depression and he actually borrowed against his life insurance to keep his business open and weather that storm. This takes us to our third reason. Guaranteed growth. Life insurance is actually designed to have more cash tomorrow than it does today. There’s no chance for market loss because your growth is guaranteed. Your money is allowed to continuously compound. This takes us to our fourth reason. Collateral opportunities. What does that mean? Collateralization is important because it allows you to access your money without interrupting compounding. It’s like your money could be in two places at one time.

Collateralization means that your money is always in your policy and if you want to access it, the insurance company gives you a separate loan and puts a lien against your money, your cash value. When the loan is paid off, the lien is released, and your money is exactly where it would have been had you not borrowed. In essence, your money has been able to achieve continuously uninterrupted compounding.

Number five is, tax deferred growth. Money grows in your policy on a tax deferred basis. Keep in mind that doesn’t mean that it grows tax free, but you can access it on a tax favored basis. The point is you can’t accumulate wealth in a taxable environment. Let me give you an example. If you start off with a dollar and that dollar doubles every year for 20 consecutive years, meaning that you earn 100% interest each and every year for 20 consecutive years, at the end of 20 years, your dollar would’ve grown to $1,048,576 however, you didn’t pay tax on that money. If you had to pay tax in a 25% tax bracket, how much do you think you would be left with after tax?

Well, 25% of 1 million is 250,000 so I think we’d be left with about $750,000.
The reality is you would end up with $72,571, but what happened to the rest of the money? Well, it was never there. Your money was never allowed to double. You were never allowed to earn 100% interest because you had to pay taxes each and every year along the way. That’s why you end up with less money in a taxable environment.

Number six is, asset protection. Life insurance is protected from creditors, predators, and legislators. Life insurance is regulated by the 50 States. Each state has different levels of asset protection. Check with your state to see how much protection you have on your policies, but let’s face it, if somebody can get your money, is it really yours?

Let’s recap the six reasons why we use whole life for infinite banking. Number one, control; two, safety; three, guaranteed growth; four, collateral opportunities; Five, tax deferred growth and six, is asset protection. My mentor, Nelson Nash, author of the bestselling book Becoming Your Own Banker, said it best. Wealth has to reside somewhere. What better place than a whole life insurance policy? A free contract between free people!