What are you doing that’s holding you back financially? When it comes to finances, no one wakes up in the morning and says, “Hey, how could I mess up my financial future today?” No. We all wake up and say, “Hey, how can I move myself financially forward?”

When it comes to finances, there are so many tricks and strategies that all claim to move forward. But the question is how do you make your money more efficient and how do you maintain liquidity use and control of your money?

We all need to navigate the headwinds that we all face, whether we’re business owners and we’re trying to navigate the headwinds that we face on a daily basis to move our company forward, or we’re a family and we’re trying to move ourselves forward financially. We all face the same headwinds. There’s the need for access to money, but if we don’t have money or more importantly, if we have money saved and then we need to access that money for an emergency or to take advantage of an opportunity, we’re going to drain down the tank. We’re going to use that money. And again, we’re never going to see the interest that we don’t earn on that money.

Then there are things like, let’s say you’re saving, there’s going to be taxes on your savings and investments. There’s going to be losses perhaps on your investment. There’s certainly going to be fees on those investments. All of those things are headwinds that we face on a daily basis. And then if we pay a tax, we pay a fee or we experience a loss, then there’s the lost opportunity cost. What we could have earned on that money had we not paid those fees or hit those headwinds or had those losses.

This is why we constantly talk about making your money more efficient. How do we work with what you have to get you as far as possible financially, whether in your family or your business?

Let’s say you have a plane that could fly 100 miles per hour, but you’re flying into a 345 mile per hour headwind. If your plane could only move 100 miles per hour, but you’re flying into that headwind, you’re going nowhere, and certainly nowhere fast. In fact, you’re not going nowhere, you’re literally going backwards.

So the facts are the facts. Your plane could only move 100 miles per hour and we have no control over the wind. But what if, instead of having a headwind, we adjusted the direction we were going and used it as a tailwind to propel us forward?

And that’s literally the type of planning we can help you with or the type of planning we designed for our clients on a daily basis.

We know that the winds are a given. The headwinds that we face are there. How can we work with those headwinds to make sure that we’re taking advantage of them so that now we’re using that wind to propel us forward rather than to prevent us from moving forward?


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And remember, it’s not how much money you make. It’s how much money you keep that really matters.