We have a team that specializes in the college application process. They will help you with everything from filling out the free application for federal student aid – FAFSA, to helping your child write essays for their college application. Also, they will help you negotiate for a better deal after you have received your initial offer on financial aid. All of these things are to help your student get into their dream school, a school that is a good fit for them. Not just that, it also helps parents not to overpay for their children’s college education.

This service includes a detailed report that assesses each of the schools that your child is interested in attending. This could even give suggestions for more school options that would be a good fit based on your child’s area of interest.

The report is everything you need to know about sending your child to school/college. It even conducts a financial analysis that breaks down the EFC for each of the schools and goes as far as breaking down the minimum EFC your family could expect for each school.

This report can help you save thousands of dollars per year. It can be a great resource to answer any lingering questions you may have regarding the college process. Keep in mind that not everybody pays the same price to attend the same school and that everything you have done up to this point to become successful financially might not be beneficial for financial aid purposes.

If you’re ready to send your child to their dream school without breaking the bank and without overpaying for tuition, schedule your free strategy session today! Remember – it’s not how much money you make. It’s how much money you keep that really matters.