Most financial advisors out there are focused on accumulating assets under management, meaning you have a lump sum of assets managed somewhere else. How could that advisor obtain those assets to manage them and hopefully earn you a better rate of return?

Today we’re going to talk about why it’s more important to focus on how you’re using your money rather than where your money is parked.

When we meet with people to discuss finances, the conversation usually revolves or turns towards how they’re using their money. And I like to use a golf analogy. The financial services industry manufactures financial products. We’re going to call them the golf clubs. We as advisors show our clients how to use the financial tools. We look at how they’re using their money, or we call that the financial golf swing.

Now, here’s the question. If you want to get better at golf, which approach would serve you better? Approach A would be to buy the best golf clubs, and approach B would be to improve your golf swing, and how you’re using the golf club.

And so it is with finances. people are in constant search of the Holy Grail. The best financial product. It doesn’t exist. If you want to improve your situation, you should really work on how you’re using those products.

You see there are a few reasons why there is no perfect product. Number one is because they’re all designed differently with different rules and regulations around them. Number two is because people have different temperaments and there’s no one-size-fits-all financial product for everybody and it will depend on what your personal situation is, as well as what your goals are.

And I would add a third factor. We are in constantly changing economic times. What was right today may not be right tomorrow and certainly may not be right in ten or 12 years. And the point is, it’s not a one-size-fits-all type of thing. Ultimately, you need to custom tailor something towards you, your situation, and how you’re using your money.

One of the main characteristics we focus on when designing plans is flexibility. Flexibility for cash flow, flexibility for access to cash, flexibility to take on your financial goals even if they change as we go along the plan.

If you’d like to start building a financial plan and working on your golf swing, be sure to schedule your Free Strategy Session today. If you’d like to see exactly how we put this process to work for our clients, check out our free web course right on the homepage, The Four Steps to Financial Freedom.

And remember, it’s not how much money you make. It’s how much money you keep that really matters.