“As long as you keep your money in the whole life insurance policy, your money’s going to grow on a tax deferred basis.”



Inflation is a rise in prices of goods and services. Inflation reduces the purchasing power of our dollars. The problem is, the longer we hold onto our money, the less it can buy for us. Here’s an example. If you were to go into your backyard and dig a hole and bury $1,000 and leave it there for 10 years and after 10 years you go back and dig it up, what will you have? Well, it’ll be something that looks like a thousand dollars, but at 3% inflation over those 10 years, that $1,000 will actually only have the purchasing power of $744. The problem is not only will you have lost $256 of purchasing power, but you will have lost 10 years of time that you can never recapture. The government is destroying the purchasing power of our dollars every time they print money. Do you think our government will need more money in the future? If our government needs more money, there’s only two ways they can get that money. Number one is taxes. Number two is they can print more money.

There are six ways that whole life insurance can help protect your money against the effects of inflation. The first way is buying dollars for future delivery for pennies. Which means the premium you’re paying is pennies compared to the dollars you’re buying in a death benefit. What better way to protect your net worth than to buy discounted dollars for future delivery?

The second way is that your premium stays the same, but because of inflation over time, it’ll feel like less. For example, if you have a thousand-dollar premium at 3% inflation and 10 years, it’s only going to feel like $744. In this instance, you have inflation working for you rather than against you.

The third way that whole life insurance can help protect your money against the effects of inflation is what we refer to as multiple duty dollars. A lot of times clients will ask us, “Hey, I want to start saving, but I have to pay down my debt first.” We actually show them how to start saving today and how to pay their debt off quicker. How we do that is through whole life insurance. We take $1 that was just going to perform debt reduction and use it to reduce debt, to create an asset, to create a death benefit, to create a disability benefit, to create a long-term care benefit and provide retirement supplement. We took $1, that was previously doing one job, and got it to perform the job of 6 multiple duty dollars.

The fourth way whole life insurance can protect against inflation is dividends. Although dividends aren’t guaranteed, dividends typically increase as the policy matures. That’s an addition to the guaranteed growth within the policy. As interest rates rise in the market, the dividends in the policy typically increase. All other safe money products, as interest rates rise, the value of the product decreases because of the inverse relationship between interest rates and price.

The fifth way that whole life insurance can protect your money against inflation is through collateralization.  The loan feature, your loan against a life insurance policy, is actually a collateralized loan against your cash value. So literally your money could be in two places at once because you’re borrowing against your cash value and getting a separate loan from the insurance company. Our clients have found that this can help them to take advantage of tremendous opportunities that are created when the market crashes because they can borrow against their cash value. When the market is down, they can buy into the market and then sell when the market rises. They can then put the money back into their policy and then use the money the profits gained from that transaction to supplement their income or to buy another policy. Our clients have found this to be a tremendous tool to show them how to take advantage of downturns in the market rather than become victims of market volatility.

The sixth way that whole life insurance can help protect against inflation is taxes. As long as you keep your money in the whole life insurance policy, your money’s going to grow on a tax deferred basis. Additionally, you’re able to access your cash on a tax-favored basis. This is a huge advantage over other financial products.

In summary, life insurance can help protect your money against inflation by reducing or eliminating taxation. It also makes your money more efficient, think multiple duty dollars. Thus putting you in a position to take advantage of market volatility, rather than becoming a victim of market volatility.