“You see, instead of becoming a victim of market volatility, owning cash value life insurance allows you to access that money so that you could actually profit from market volatility.”


There are two main types of life insurance. The first is term insurance, which has one benefit and one benefit only, the death benefit. Then there’s cash value life insurance, which has a death benefit, but also has several other living benefits. By taking advantage of these living benefits, we’re able to overcome the five financial challenges that we all face. 

It has often been said that there are two certainties in life, death and taxes. So let me ask you a few questions. Number one, do you think taxes are going to be higher in the future? Number two, do you think that with all that’s going on in our country, and keep in mind that we’re nearly $28 trillion in debt, do you think there’s a potential for taxes to go up much higher in the future? Now here’s the most important question. Do you want to pay those taxes? You see, after you pay tax on your earned income, the choice of whether or not you pay taxes in the future on that money is completely voluntary. 

Which choice have you been making? And with that in mind, wouldn’t it make sense to build a pile of money that the government could never access ever again, as long as you live? You see, the living benefits of life insurance allow you to have that money grow on a tax deferred basis, and you could access it on a tax-favored basis via the loan provision. Finally, that money passes to a named beneficiary on an income tax free basis. Do you know of any other financial tool, financial product that could be that tax efficient and provide liquidity use and control of your money? 

The next challenge we all face is lower benefits in the future, you know, higher premiums, higher deductibles, and more out of pocket expenses. But, doesn’t that mean a lower standard of living for you and your family? Are you okay with that? Because I’m not. If there was a way to replace those expenses, when would you want to know about it? Before or after the benefits are lost? By using the living benefits of life insurance, you’ll have access to money to supplement your income when those benefits are lost, and still have death benefit to pass onto your family. 

If there’s going to be higher taxes and lower benefits, will that be enough to fix all the problems that are about to happen in our country? So how will our government respond? Won’t they print more money? When they print more money, doesn’t that cause inflation? You see, inflation is the third financial challenge that we all face. So what’s your strategy to overcome the effects of inflation? More importantly, when you’re retired, how are you going to overcome inflation? The living benefits of a life insurance policy provides multiple duty dollars. What that means is, the money can be accessed to overcome a long-term care event, a chronic illness event. We know that it can be utilized to supplement your income for anything. Finally, it can do all of the above on a tax-favored basis. 

That’s multiple duty dollars, and that’s how the living benefits of cash value life insurance can help you overcome the effects of inflation. So if there’s higher taxes, lower benefits, and the government prints more money, won’t that cause more and more volatility in the markets? Higher volatility in the markets is the fourth financial challenge that we’re all going to face. If there’s higher volatility in the markets and you make a mistake, can you lose some money? If there’s higher volatility in the markets and you make four or five mistakes, can you lose it all? 

Wouldn’t you benefit from a strategy that allows you to lock in your money when the markets are high so that when the markets go down, you’re in a position to access that money because your money wasn’t correlated to the market and you can profit from all the mistakes, errors, and blunders that are made in the market. You see, instead of becoming a victim of market volatility, owning cash value life insurance allows you to access that money so that you could actually profit from market volatility. 

The next challenge we all face is the challenge of outliving our income. If we retire at age 65 and only live till age 72, would we have much trouble planning for that retirement? But what if we retire at 65 and live all the way till 95, but run out of money at age 72, what would the rest of our retirement look like? And by the way, isn’t 72 the new 52? Aren’t 72 year olds doing what 52 year olds used to do? Do you have a strategy in place that could provide you with an income that you can outlive? By taking advantage of the living benefits of life insurance, you could provide supplemental income when all your other streams have dried up. 

Do you realize that most people view these five issues, higher taxes, lower benefits, higher inflation, greater volatility in the market and longevity, outliving money, as challenges. Here’s what owning cash value life insurance can do for you. What if you never had to worry about these issues ever again for the rest of your life? What if any time any of these issues occurred, you’d be in a perfect position to take advantage of it. Wouldn’t that be a great benefit to have? 

Do you know of any other financial products that can provide these benefits with certainty? Can a CD savings account, money market, IRA, stocks, or bonds provide you with these benefits? You see, the living benefits of life insurance can help us overcome these five challenges, and in essence become the beneficiary of our own life insurance policy. But then we still have the death benefit that goes to our family. So if I can show you how to be in complete control of your money until you take your last breath, but instead of leaving that money to a nursing home hospital or the government, you can leave that money to your family for generations to come. Wouldn’t you want to know about it?